Contest Entries

Finally bit the bullet and entered a story in a contest.

The Brighton Prize ( offers an opportunity to read live at one of their literature nights, as well as publication in their anthology.

When querying recently, I’ve discovered that a lot of publications and agents ask about any contest wins in their application. It would appear that short story contests are an expected rite of passage for the aspiring author.

Entering a contest before publication could be like entering beauty pageants before winning Miss World.

And so, I am presenting the entry Billy Sees Red, with a pink (or should that be red?) sash wrapped around its freshly powdered (hint hint) cheeks.

Here’s a cheeky preview:


There were no locks in the cubicles. Billy bent over the toilet with one leg outstretched behind him, holding the door shut with his foot.

            A disembodied voice from the toilet beside him shouted out, “This one’s mine!”

            Eyes narrowed, Billy began a closer inspection. The drug was solid – a rock rather than powder – which meant that it was better. Purer. Its surface resembled the texture of chalk. Perfect. No visible intervention had occurred to lower its potency and value. Except for one, inescapable difference.



Wish me luck in the contest! All I want is a honourable mention … and world peace.


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